Our Vision

Children’s Autism Center’s intent is to be recognized as an effective provider of ABA services for children and adolescents with autism or developmental delays. We strive to realize this intent by building an environment in which:

  • Proven, evidence-based best practices are utilized
  • Services are consumer driven
  • The highest caliber of staff are retained
  • Cultural responsivity is valued
  • Expectations are high
  • Rewards are evident
  • Outcomes are visible

Children’s Autism Center (CAC) of Round Rock was founded on the belief that every child deserves a chance at developing to their full potential. Through the science of Applied Behavior Analysis and the practice of ABA therapy, our staff of highly trained board certified behavior analysts, master’s level teachers and therapists, skillfully motivate the unique learning style of each child who enters our center. CAC partners with families to help teach foundational skills needed to guide our children to become capable, life-long learners, by providing an enriched environment conducive to bringing about meaningful growth and change.

CAC provides intensive ABA services delivered within a culturally responsive school-based and center-based model in our new 12,000 sq ft facility. Our current center offerings include:

  • Center-based 1:1 ABA/Health & Behavioral Intervention services
  • Autism Diagnostic Evaluations
  • Sprouts Early Childhood Program (18-36 months)
  • School offerings including preschool and non-graded elementary school programs
  • Social skills groups
  • Parent training services
  • Professional development and training