Children’s Autism Center offers an innovative approach to ABA

At CAC, we work closely with each child, family, and staff member to provide the highest level of service. Our ABA approach includes:

  • Parent training to teach parents and caregivers how to implement behavior programs at home so that their child’s behaviors and communication abilities improve across environments
  • Customization of programs. CAC is not a one-size-fits-all clinic. Each child’s unique skills and motivators are taken into account when forming a behavior intervention plan. The therapists change and adapt the plan as your child’s needs change.
  • Instead of doing repetitive drill work at a classroom table (also known as “drill and kill”), BCBA’s develop an individualized plan for your child learning based on play. Not only is ABA therapy effective at CAC, but it’s also fun!
  • A clinic setting which allows children to interact with one another and practice appropriate play and social skills.
  • A vibrant and engaging clinic full of developmentally appropriate toys and sensory experiences, allowing kids to practice play skills and interact with the world around them.
  • Indoor and outdoor playgrounds to foster an atmosphere of play and physical activity for kids to learn (and they don’t even realize how hard they’re working!).
  • Collaboration with in-house speech services and other outside providers.
  • On-site licensed BCBAs. CAC is a training clinic offering programs to staff members and RBTs to further improve their skills and continuously promote growth. Majority of our staff is pursuing certification in ABA or a related field, therefor providing high quality therapy to your child.
  • Community events and training to provide ongoing education for parents and the community on topics like special needs trusts, sibling support, transitioning to school, etc.
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