Early Childhood Programs

Children’s Autism Center has specialized in early childhood intervention services since 2008 and continues to have a reputation of expertise in this area. Understanding the importance of play in early childhood, all programs for children ages 18-36 months have the strongest emphasis on learning through play in a natural environment setting. You will frequently find our little Sprouts digging, climbing, squishing, painting, and exploring the world around them both indoors and outdoors while learning important play, communication and social skills.

Early Childhood Programs (18-36 mo.)

CAC’s early childhood programs take place throughout the day 8AM-3PM, Monday through Friday. Participants ages 18 to 36 months receive intensive therapy for a given number of hours determined by medical necessity, developmental need and parental input. In order to promote generalization of participant skills to the home and community settings, CAC’s early childhood program also includes a minimum of one hour per week of parent training. This minimal parental time commitment can have a profound impact in participant outcomes and is part of what sets our early childhood program apart from others.

CAC’s early childhood therapy addresses three main areas: play skills, language and behavior. Modeling, prompting and errorless teaching techniques are employed to instruct and guide participants in these three main areas:

Play: Using a play-based model, participants are supported to engage in appropriate levels of play (solitary, spectator, parallel, and associative play) across child-focused routines and settings.

Language: Following the participant’s lead, we use play-based incidental teaching interspersed with mini-sessions of more intensive language facilitation activities.

Behavior: Basic antecedent interventions (choice-making, play engagement, child’s lead) are used to address barriers to language and play skills development. Differential reinforcement (delivery of praise, preferred items, or preferred activities for exhibiting appropriate approximation of skills and behaviors) is also implemented to facilitate development of language and play skills.

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Preschool “Classroom”

Children’s Autism Center’s preschool classroom combines the benefits of the classroom setting, led by an experienced certified teacher, with a 1:1 therapist for each child. Children learn important social, communication and play skills through exploring the world around them in this group setting and follow a daily schedule much like a typical preschool, but with the flexibility of individualization for each child’s program. Our experienced teachers and therapists provide unparalleled, high quality care and attention to each child in the preschool program.

Learners in the preschool program come between the hours of 8AM to 1PM with some children staying beyond the end of the school day for additional therapy. Families appreciate the daily communication between teachers, therapists and parents and are encouraged to know that their children are in an environment conducive to learning, growth, and meaningful change.