Building Bright Futures

At Children’s Autism Center, we love hearing from our clients! Please review below for just some of the wonderful testimonials and feedback we receive.

Parent of 4 year old child

“Our daughter began attending CAC shortly before her third birthday. At the time she had little spontaneous language and fleeting eye contact. She repeated everything she heard and engaged in self-stimulating and perseverative behavior (hand flapping, lining up toys, spinning, etc.). She was falling further and further behind other children and we were growing more anxious about her future by the day.  We were sick with worry and completely overwhelmed when we first came to CAC. It was a dark time for us but the therapists at CAC lit the way forward.

We signed on for as many hours at CAC as we could manage (30 per week) and our daughter began making rapid progress immediately. The center-based format of CAC allowed her to have structured interactions with other children and their facility provided a wider range of environments and materials than we could have provided at home. The center has an open door policy and the staff was always willing to talk with us about whatever was on our minds. The therapists at CAC are dedicated professionals, thoroughly committed to helping each child reach his or her potential.

Nine months after she started at CAC our daughter is now being transitioned into a regular preschool, where her teachers report she is fully engaged, interested in other children, and a joy to have in class. Her speech and age-appropriate play have increased dramatically – she not only asks and answers questions, but when she’s playing with her dolls she has the dolls ask and answer questions! We’ve also seen an increase in her eye contact and a decrease in her self-stimulating behavior.

We plan to update this testimonial regularly – when our daughter no longer meets the diagnostic criteria for autism, when she is fully incorporated into a regular-education classroom, when she graduates from high school and college, and finally one day when she has a career and a family of her own. There is still work to be done, but these things no longer seem like too much to hope for.  Thank you to everyone at CAC for all you’ve done for our little girl. We will be grateful for the rest of our lives.”

Parent of 7 year old child

“The team at CAC is wonderful! We have literally put our daughter’s future in their hands and we are shown everyday that we made the right decision. Thanks, CAC!”

Parent of 3 year old child

“Our son has made tremendous progress since he started at CAC. The therapists are wonderful and really care about our son. As a parent, I feel like I’m a part of our son’s treatment. The therapists involve me in activities with him and show me how to contribute to his program. The self-help skills he has learned and the behavioral help he has received has made family life a lot more enjoyable. CAC is a major part of helping our son reach his full potential.”

Parent of 5 year old child

“I am so glad to have found CAC. Our son has come so far since we first started his therapy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Parent of 8 year old child

“What has CAC and the journey you have shared with us meant to our family over the last three years?

 – When he started talking in full sentences, we cheered with you.
– When he started answering questions asked to him, we praised you.
– When he made his first spontaneous statement, we loved you.
– When his sense of humor started to bloom, we laughed with you.
– When you gave us advice and support on our first ARD process, we leaned on you.
– When he moved from 20% inclusion in Kinder to 60% inclusion in grade, we were in awe of you.
– And when he looks us in the eyes and says ‘I love you’, we remember you.

From our child’s perspective: ‘Thank you for having fun with me. I love you.’
This has been a shared journey where we have all learned so much from you and are forever grateful for the tools you have given to each of us. As we move forward in our journey, you will be our start. You will be the foundation of who our child grows up to be, and for that we thank you.”